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Velcon Sensor Products


Velcon manufactures several innovative contaminant sensing technology include the Velcon Contaminant Analyzer (VCA®), the Flow Differential Pressure Module (FDPM®), the Differential Pressure Monitor (DPM™), and several "go, no-go" field test kits.

Velcon’s state of the art laser sensing technology used in the VCA is capable of measuring contamination in fuel, in both mg/l of solids and ppm of water. This sensing technology is beneficial wherever quality of fuel is required for proper operation of expensive equipment.

Our FDPM provides vital information to operator concerning the condition of filtration elements inside the filter vessel via live updates of corrected differential pressure.

The DPM is a simple device that will enable shutoff of operation when the differential pressure levels reach a pre-program shut off threshold. The DPM is also future-proof as it can be upgraded to the more robust FDPM.

In addition to sensing technology, Velcon has several fuel test kits for quickly and easily measuring unwanted contaminants in jet and diesel fuel.


Sensing Equipment

Velcon Contaminant Analyzer
- (#1964)
Fuel Quality Assurance System
Flow Differential Pressure Module
Differential Pressure Module

Testing Kits and Equipment

Hydrokit®(#1752) Hydrokit® for Diesel Fuel - (#2009) Hydrokit MKII - (#1955) SWIFTKit® - (#1759)
VFT Test Kits - Data Sheet #2073