Aviation Fuel Handling Catalog

Velcon Aviation Fuel Handling Catalog includes products for a variety of applications and locations, starting at the terminal to pipelines, fuel farms and airports. The focus is mainly on jet fuel and avgas. Products for fuel handling include prefilters, filter/separator vessels, adsorbent, small housings and condition monitoring solutions. Parker HFFD also offers a number of filter cartridges for removing soil and water from fuel, including coalescers, separators, pleated filters, and Aquacon® water absorbing filter cartridges.

VEL2159 Catalog Microfilters for Aviation Fuel Filtration
VEL Catalog Coalescer Separator for Aviation Fuel Filtration
Catalog Filter Monitor for Aviation Fuel Filtration
Catalog Adsorbent for Aviation Fuel Filtration
VEL2178 Catalog Vessels Housings for Aviation Fuel Filtration
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Products for Aviation Fuel Handling - VEL1841

Title PDF
Fuel & Oil Filtration Laboratory VEL1724
Glossary of Terms VEL1235
Frequently Used Conversions VEL1697
Filter Sizing Information FO Series Filter Cartridges VEL1532
Oil Viscosity Characteristics VEL1533
Clay Element Information VEL1223
EI 1581 5th Edition Specification Summary VEL1934
The Importance of Spiders VEL2032
15psid Cartridge Changeout Curve at Reduced Flowrates VEL1415
25psid Cartridge Changeout Curve at Reduced Flowrates VEL1846
Maintenance Instructions: Teflon Coated Screen Separator Elements VEL1242
Monitor Interlock Operating Principle VEL1882
Typical Float Control & Slug Valve Hook-Up VEL1861
Recommended Manual Drain Hook-Up for Filter/Separator Vessels VEL1744
Cartridge Adapters/Hardware VEL1749
Nut & Washer Part Numbers VEL1746
Assembly Torque Recommendations VEL1801
Auto Air Eliminator & Pressure Relief Valve Hook-Up for F/S Vessels VEL1745
Typical Distribution System for the Delivery of Clean/Dry Aviaiton Fuel VEL2001
Safe & Sound - Trouble Shooting Common Problems in Your Fuel Filtration Equipment VEL1932
Pure & Simple - How to Make Sure That's All You Ever Deliver VEL1933
Corrected Differential Pressure Calculation Spreadsheet
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How Big is a Micron? Poster
ISO Fluid Cleanliness VEL1946