Aviation Cartridges

Aviation fuel, including jet fuel and avgas, needs to be extremely clean and dry as it is being loaded onto the aircraft. Depending on the flow rate, fuel type, and location in the fuel distribution system, you will need different filter cartridges. The closer the fuel is to being delivered to the aircraft, the cleaner and drier it must be. Velcon Filters is a reliable source of filter cartridges and filtration and separation vessels that provide high quality filtration for the fuel before and during the pumping of the fuel into the aircraft.

Velcon Filters manufactures hundreds of different fuel filter and oil filter cartridges, with a range of filtration efficiencies (micron ratings) in a variety of configurations, to meet specific industry filtration requirements. Filter cartridges qualified to military specifications are also offered.

Included is the industry’s most complete line of jet fuel filter cartridge sets qualified to test to the latest EI 1581 for use in Filter/Separators. CDF® monitor cartridges are qualified to the latest EI 1583 Monitor specifications. Also available are a line of filter cartridges qualified to EI 1590 Specification for prefilters.

Other cartridges are offered for the removal of granular and colloidal contaminants as well as surfactants. These cartridges provide optimum filtration performance when used in either Velcon filter vessels or in housings made by Quantek/Facet, Fram, Bendix, Bowser/Keene/Kaydon, Purolator, and numerous others.

Fuel Monitors
CDF® Series - 2" O.D. Filter Monitor Cartridges
Aquacon ACO Series - 6" O.D. Filter Monitor Cartridges
I Series - Coalescer Catridges for Aviation Fuel and Industrial Use
SO Series - Separator Cartridges Filter/Separator 2nd Stage Elements
I-4xxA4 & I-4xxMM Military Coalescers
SI Series - Military Canister Separator

OS Series - Coalescer/Separator Cartridges

O-8xx Series - Replacement Cartridges for Facet Superflex™ Housings
O-8xx Series - Replacement Cartridges for Vel-Max® Housings
FO Series - Pleated Media Microfilter Cartridges
FO-6XXA1, A2, A3, A5 - EI 1590 3rd Edition Qualified Microfilters
FOH Series - High Capacity Filter Cartridges
FI Series - Filter Cartridges, Inside-to-Out Flow
DC Series - Disposable Cartridges, DC Series & Permanent Filter Core Kits
FO-xxxFG & FO-xxxFGA - Fiberglass Filter Cartridge
FO-436G & FO-472G - Natural Gas Filter Cartridge
FSH Series - High Capacity Synthetic Filter Cartridges
Dual Media Cartridges
FOW Series - Fuel Filter Cartridges for Solids Removal Only
CO-718 Clay Canister Element