SWIFTKit - Data Sheet #1759

"SWIFTKit Predicts Coalescence" Article in The Clarifier, Sept.2006

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The patented* SWIFTKit is the first practical device to determine the Interfacial Tension (IFT) of aviation jet fuel in the field. The IFT value is a general indication of the surfactant (surface active agent) level in fuel; higher IFT values indicate lower surfactant levels. Surfactants can disarm coalescer elements, which could allow excess water downstream and into the aircraft.


The SWIFTKit can be used for general quality checks onfuel during transfer and transportation, and particularly for receipts into airport storage. The SWIFTKit is especially useful to determine the condition of clay treatment cartridges by comparing the upstream and downstream IFT values. An increase in IFT value shows that the clay is still effectively doing its job of removing surfactants.


Specify Model SWK1

Each SWK1 SWIFTKit box includes:
20 sample SWIFTKit tubes
5 flush tubes
1 wide mouth glass sample jar
1 needle holder assembly
1 procedure sheet
1 illustration of procedure sheet
1 safety and MSDS sheet