VCA® and VCA-CV:

Monitor and Control of Contaminants in Your Fuel

Product Description

The VCA® (Velcon Contaminant Analyzer) uses laser sensing technology to insure that the fuel being loaded onto commercial airliners is clean and dry. In the event of wet or dirty fuel (or both), the system can act as a final stage quality check downstream of last filtration, shut down the fueling operation, and alert the user with a minimal amount of contaminated fuel reaching the plane.

VCA® Datasheet

VCA Manual

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 VCA® Features:

  • Simultaneously detects and differentiates between free water and dirt in fuel.
  • Modular user readout, showing free water content in ppm (parts per million) and particulate solids in mg/l (milligrams per liter.)
  • Flow sensor operates VCA only during fueling*
  • Visual alarm and deadman cutoff switch in case of dirty or wet fuel
  • Option to tie into data management systems for automatic reporting of fueling data.
  • Full flow analysis.
  • No sampling errors.
  • Easy installation cable/wiring
  • Fully Compliant with EI 1598 Second Edition

* U.S. Patent No 7,518,719


Standard Features

Electrical Specifications


VCA-XX Part Number Breakdown:

where XX can be any of the following:

Other sizes available. Please contact us for additional details.

For Explosive HAZ certification, add "EX" to the end of the model number (VCA-03EX).

VCA-CV - Fuel Quality Assurance System

U.S. Patent No. 8,498,750

2008 Energy Institute Innovation Award Finalist

For the VCA-CV,the VCA® instrument is integrated into the outlet side of the CLA-VAL flow control valve body. Due to the unique features of the CLA-VAL flow control valve, the VCA® can be automated to begin function when the flow control valve is actuated (when flow starts). If the concentration of either free water or solid particles exceeds quality limitations, the VCA can automatically stop flow at the control valve. The VCA has been extensively field tested, and the CLA-VAL control valve is an industry standard. The combination of these two products into one will extend the versatility and flexibility to any type of fuel system. The VCA-CV also fully complies with the current EI 1598 technical specification.