Natural Gas Filter Cartridges

Improved Natural Gas Filter/Separator Performance

Velcon Model FO-436G and FO-472G gas filter cartridges have been designed to remove particulate and gross water from natural gas. Both sizes offer:

Natural Gas Filter Cartridges - Data Sheet #VEL1364

The FO-436G and FO-472G have been designed for installations where superior performance features are desired over those offered by standard cartridges.

Both the 36” FO-436G and the 72” FO-472G cartridges are dimensionally interchangeable with many cartridges in field use. They include:


  • Heavy gauge aluminized steel center tube resists corrosion and gives 100 psi collapse strength. Louvered openings provide maximum flow distribution.
  • Resin-impregnated cellulose barrier to stop fibers from migrating downstream.
  • Resin-impregnated fiberglass media, arranged in progressively finer layers, to provide efficient, no channeling depth filtration.
  • 200° maximum operating temperature.
  • Outside-to-inside flow direction.
  • 4-1/2” outside diameter, 3-3/8” inside diameter, 36” and 72” overall lengths.



OAL (Inches)

Micronic Rating @ 99% Gravimetric Efficiency
FO-436G 35.75 0.5
FO-436G5 35.75 1
FO-436GA 35.75 2
FO-436GC 35.75 5
FO-472G 71.875 0.5
FO-472GC 71.875 5