Superdri® Cartridges SD Series

Remove Dissolved Water from Transformer Oil

Reduce Moisture in Transformer Oil

to <10 ppm Without Heat & Vacuum

Superdri® Cartridges


Dissolved water removal from insulating oil is now possible without the need for heat and vacuum oil processing systems. Specifically developed for dehydrating oil to be used in transformers, patented* Superdri® cartridges can help utilities reduce expenses and increase efficiency when processing oil.




Superdri® cartridges are not designed for particulate solids removal. Prefiltering through Velcon 1/2 micron cartridges is recommended if particle contamination is suspected. Superdri cartridges are not recommended for cost effective removal of free water in insulating oil. If free water is suspected, the oil should be prefiltered using Velcon Aquacon® cartridges.



Superdri® cartridges are designed for oil processing situations where dissolved water in insulating oil is a concern, and its removal is desirable.

Examples of these situations follow:

Superdri® cartridges are easy to use:


Chart A

Chart B

Example: You have 8800 gallons of oil to process with an initial water content of 60 ppm. Find 8800 gallons on the horizontal scale, and follow up until you intersect the 60 ppm line. Read across to find the total amount of water on the vertical scale.
Example: You are filling at 5 gpm per cartridge through SD-1107 cartridges. Follow up from 5 gpm on the horizontal scale until you intersect the SD-1107 line. Read across to find the amount of water one cartridge will remove.


1. Using Chart (A) above, determine amount of water in oil. 2. Using Chart (B) above, determine amount of water a single cartridge will remove. 3. Divide results from (1) by results from (2):


2000 ml to be removed ——————————————— 620 ml capacity
= 3.2 cartridges required

Unlike ordinary filters, Superdri® cartridges cannot be monitored for capacity or performance by differential pressure. Regular effluent samples must be taken and analyzed with a Karl Fischer titrator, such as the Aquapal®, to monitor the cartridges’ effectiveness.

In-line moisture sensors such as Doble DOMINO® can also be used to monitor cartridge performance. Without availability of this equipment, the user can estimate cartridge life from the above charts.



Superdri® cartridges will not remove dissolved gases, nor are they recommended for use on badly deteriorated or arced oil.




Part Number
Fits These Housings
Velcon VF-7, VF-8 Series, Hilco 718 Style
Velcon VF-10, VF-12 Series, Cuno PT1 Style, Alsop
Velcon VF-12 Series, Cuno PT1 Style, Alsop


NOTE: Install Superdri® cartridges vertically.

* U.S. Patent No. 5,574,214

Superdri® is a registered Trademark of Parker Hannifin.

Aquapal® is a registered Trademark of CSC Scientific Company, Inc. DOMINO® is a registered Trademark of Doble Engineering Company.