Future Proof: Upgradable to FDPM® MKII

  • Add flow input
  • Replace front panel on existing electrical box
  • Less than 30 minutes installation
  • FDPM's interactive touchscreen display monitors, calculates and records corrected differential pressure
  • Provides the ultimate in flow corrected differential pressure monitoring

Differential Pressure Module (DPM™)
Full compliance with JIG Bulletin No. 58

Designed to comply with the JIG Bulletin No.58, the Velcon DPM is an all inclusive differential pressure monitoring and shutdown system.




JIG Bulletin No. 58

Fuel Condition Monitoring Catalog


The DPM control unit continuously monitors the differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of a filter monitor or filter water separator vessel. Whether static or onboard hydrant carts or refuelers, the DPM monitors the condition of the filter elements. In the event that the filter differential pressure reaches maximum allowable pressure, the industrial strength relay onboard the DPM control unit breaks the deadman circuit, effectively terminating the refueling operation. The system can only be overridden by inserting a supervisor key as specified by the JIG No. 58 bulletin. The DPM can also be placed in an override status in order to conduct the required DP Gauge free movement test.




  • 12 - 24VDC, 300 mA (Power)

Available Inputs

  • Normally closed latching switch
  • 2 Pressure Transducers:
    • 4 -20 mA
  • Differential Pressure Transducer:
    • 4 -20 mA
    • 0-5 V

Deadman Switching Relay

  • 8A @ 250 VAC Max

Visual Indicators

  • Green Ultrabrite LED: Power Indicator
  • Red Ultrabrite LED: Shutdown Indicator

Shutdown Triggers

  • 22 PSI (1.51 Bar)(mandatory JIG requirement)


  • 4 lbs (1.8 kg)


  • NEMA 4X
  • ATEX Directive Class 1 Zone 2 Group D
  • IP 65

Optional Extras

  • 2X Pressure Transducers - Class I Division I
  • 1X Differential Pressure Transducer - Class I Division I