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Parker Velcon Ground Fuel Handling Solutions

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Parker Hannifin Corporation - Velcon Filtration Division is now able to provide premium Cla-Val™ ground fueling equipments for commercial aircraft refueling. Through an exclusive partnership with Cla-Val, we are able to provide nozzles, pressure control couplers, hydrant pit valves, and in-line valves available through our global distribution partners. In addition, Parker Gold Label® Aircraft Refueling Hose are now available to complete the ground fueling solutions products for your aircraft refueling needs.

Cla-Val hydrant pit valves and pressure couplers are utilized to safely deliver fuel to refueling trucks equipped with Cla-Val nozzles designed to mate with the underwing pressure refuelling adaptors.

In addition to an extensive product range, Cla-Val also offers the best customer service in the industry, backed by knowledgeable field support professionals with decades of experience. An in-house team of Aviation Fueling Engineers work to develop new solutions and continuously improve the products you rely on to operate your aircraft fueling systems.

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Underwing Refueling Nozzle

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed in accordance with SAE AS5877
  • Connects to MS24484 Single Point Adapter
  • Six Slot Connection Head
  • Low Pressure Drop
  • Integrated Durable Swivel Joint
  • Light Weight and Compact Size
  • All Aluminum and Stainless Steel Construction

The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is designed in accordance with SAE AS5877 and is constructed entirely of aluminum and stainless steel, with fuel resistant Nitrile, Acetal and Polyurethane seals. All aluminum surfaces are anodized or coated to prevent corrosion. No copper, zinc, or alloys thereof are used in construction. The 347GF Nozzle connects to an aircraft “single point adapter” conforming to specification MS24484.

The 347GF Nozzle is designed to maximize safe refueling operations. The internal interlock system, fully contained within the nozzle body, results in a smaller, thinner, lighter nozzle that can easily connect to all aircraft, including smaller regional or private jets that have minimal space in or around their refueling ports. The internal interlock prevents the nozzle from opening until a positive connection to an aircraft single point adapter is made. In addition, when connected to an aircraft single point adapter, the 347GF Nozzle cannot be rotated or removed until the operating lever is first rotated to the fully closed position. A spring loaded safety lock prevents the nozzle from being connected to an aircraft adapter in an unsafe or incomplete manner.

The Cla-Val 347GF Nozzle is also designed to simplify refueling operations. This lightweight design reduces the physical stresses involved in connecting the Nozzle to the aircraft by featuring a six slot connection head, making it much easier to connect to a three-lug aircraft single point adapter. The connection head features high strength, hardened Stainless Steel components to assure superior durability to withstand the toughest, most abusive environments. Reduced flow resistance was a focus throughout the design of the nozzle and all related components and accessories so that pressure drop would be minimal, thus reducing refueling times.

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Pressure Control Couplers

Features & Benefits:

  • Complies with EI Specification 1584
  • Pneumatic or Hydraulic Deadman Options
  • Accurate Nozzle Pressure Regulation
  • Excellent Surge Pressure Control
  • Deadman and Fuel Sense Connections Conveniently Located
  • Bleed Valve(s) supplied, on the Pilot Block
  • Standard Folding Operating Lever

The Cla-Val Model 353GF Pressure Control Coupler is a hydrant coupler used in jet aircraft refueling operations. It connects to a hydrant pit valve or hydrant pit adapter to allow pressurized fuel to flow from an underground pipeline and into the receiving aircraft. It incorporates a Deadman operated, direct acting pressure regulator that protects the receiving aircraft from excess pressure and from damage due to pressure surges.

The 353GF has been designed and tested to comply with all requirements of EI 1584 “Four Inch Hydrant System Components and Arrangements.” The Coupler makes a very robust connection to any 4 inch API style hydrant pit valve or hydrant adapter. This connection greatly exceeds the side-pull requirements of the EI Bulletin 1584. Yet, because of the use of hardened Stainless Steel balls to make this connection, the Coupler can easily turn when connected to remove stress on the intake hose connected to the outlet of the Coupler.

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Hydrant Pit Valves

Features & Benefits

  • Conforms to EI Bulletin 1584 Third Edition
  • Pneumatic or Manual Deadman operated
  • Optional Emergency Air Release Lanyard for the Pneumatic Deadman Version
  • Optional Excess Flow Shut-off for Both the Pneumatic and Manual
  • Deadman Versions
  • Body of Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel – No Aluminum
  • Fits Within 13 Inch Diameter Pits
  • Three Year Warranty

The Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve is a piston style, Deadman operated on/off valve designed for use in aircraft refueling hydrant systems. The Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve can be ordered with either a Manual Deadman Pilot or a Pneumatic Deadman Pilot. When fitted with a Pneumatic Pilot, an optional Emergency Air Release Lanyard Manual override can be added to provide a way to close the Pit Valve even with Deadman air pressure actively applied.

The outlet of the Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve can be connected to by any 4 inch API hydrant pit coupler, such as the Cla-Val Model 351GF-15 Hydrant Coupler and 353GF Pressure Control Coupler. It complies with the requirements of EI Specification 1584 Third Edition. The upper API Body of the Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve is made of hardened Stainless Steel. The lower body is made of Ductile Iron. Aluminum is not used for these critical pressure containing components.

It incorporates a servicing valve which allows for the removal of the pilot for service without the need to de-pressurize the delivery system. The Model 352GF Hydrant Pit Valve is small enough to fit into a 13 inch pit box with the use of an offset adapter plate.

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In-Line Valves

Features & Benefits:

  • Deadman Operated
  • Externally Sensed Pressure Regulation
  • Various Pilot Options (Air, Fuel, Electric)
  • Deadman Pressure Setting Controls Delivery Pressure
  • 4-Inch ANSI 150 Flanges
  • Victaulic Adapters Available
  • Lightweight Aluminum Body
  • Internal Pistons are Stainless Steel for better performance
  • 1,200 Gallons per minute maximum required flow rate

The Cla-Val Model 354GF Valve is used to control fuel pressure delivered into an aircraft thru an under wing refueling nozzle, The 354GF is intended for use on various forms of aircraft refueling vehicles.

The 354GF In-line Pressure Control Valve is a direct acting piston valve controlled by an external deadman device. When the deadman signal is “On” (applied), the valve opens to delivery fuel downstream. Opening times vary by application and are preset to be between 5 and 10 seconds. When the deadman signal is release/removed, the valve closes. Closing time is adjustable, but is set at the factory for between 2 and 5 seconds. Closing speed can also be adjusted to control overshoot (the volume of fuel that passes through the valve after the deadman signal is removed and when the valve fully closes).

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Aircraft Fueling Hoses

Parker aircraft fueling hose meets the needs of a range of markets, from private to commercial to military applications. Manufactured in the U.S.A., Gold Label Aircraft Fueling Hose meets current published industry standards and hose assemblies are factory-tested and certified.

Gold Label Aircraft Fueling Hoses handles the following fueling application:

Over the Wing

Used by small and medium sized aircraft, with aviation gasoline supplied through a host attached to a dispenser.

Under-the-Wing Fueling

Used by large commercial cargo and passenger aircraft, with jet fuel supplied by a mobile dispenser cart connected to a fuel tanker or an in-ground hydrant system. For larger aircraft, jet fuel is supplied through an adjustable elevated service platform, called a jac-riser, connected to a mobile dispenser cart that is supplied by an in-ground hydrant system.

Side or Aft Helicopter Fueling

Aviation gasoline or jet fuel is supplied through a hose attached to a dispenser.

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