VFT-100 Water & Visual Clarity Test
VFT-100 Water & Visual Clarity

Field Test Kits for Undyed Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel

VFT Series Field Test Kits

Help determine the quality of fuel where it matters most.

Prevent costly repairs to equipment due to the presence of contaminants.


VFT-0100: Water and Visual Clarity

This is a simple two-part test in which diesel or biodiesel fuel is tested for

Visual clarity testing will often reveal particulates such as sediment, glycerin, or microbial residue. In the second part of the test, a vial of water detection fluid is added to the fuel, allowing the detection of entrained water to as low as 100ppm. At 500ppm, the detection fluid leaves a distinct red ring at the bottom of the sample bottle.

When to use it
This test should be used as an initial screening test for fuel deliveries and for periodic monitoring of fuel quality at the dispenser and storage tanks. It can also be used as a vehicle maintenance diagnostic to detect entrained water (a major cause of blown injector tips). Works for diesel, biodiesel, biodiesel blends.

Results within 5 minutes.

Shelf Life: 12 mo or pink color around cap, whichever occurs first

(The small vial of indicator solution will begin to develop a bit of pink color
around the cap at expiration.)
12 tests per unit.

VFT-150 Bio-Detect Field Test Kit
VFT-150 Bio-Detect Kit

VFT-0150: Bio-Detect Field Test Kit

The Bio-Detect Field Test detects the presence of biodiesel in standard (petroleum-based) diesel fuel. This test detects biodiesel at levels as low as 1% (B1) and can be used as a pre-screening test for tactical vehicles such as emergency vehicles, aircraft, or in military applications. This test is also used as part of standard vehicle maintenance to indicate whether biodiesel fuel quality testing is required.

Results within 15 minutes.

Shelf life: 12 months

12 tests per unit