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Portable Filters


Twin Housing Lightweight, Portable Handcart Filter Pumps


Remove Water, Dirt, and Other Contaminants from Oils and Fuels

  • MCP5E, Two-Stage Series-Flow Model

  • MDP5E, One-Stage Alternate-Flow Model


  • 5 gpm Standard, 1 and 10 gpm Optional
  • Economical two-cartridge configurations
  • Choice of different cartridge combinations
  • Quick and easy cartridge change
  • Minimum fluid spill during operation
  • Self-contained, one person operation


MCP5E Series-Flow – This model employs two different types of filter cartridges in series. Typically, the first of the MCP’s two housings is utilized as a prefilter. With heavy carbon or dirt contamination, this prefilter holds a cost-effective particle or colloidal removal cartridge and the second in series holds an Aquacon® super-absorbent water removing cartridge.

Other cartridge combinations have proven to be effective for filtering vacuum pump oil and other oils in corrosive environments. Use either an economical dirt cartridge or an Aquacon® dirt and water cartridge in the first stage and either a Fuller’s Earth or an Activated Alumina cartridge in the second. The first stage removes dirt or dirt and water while the second removes acids, gums, surfactants, varnishes, soaps, color bodies, corrosive gasses, polar compounds, and oxidation products.

MDP5E Alternate-Flow – Only one housing on this
model is utilized at a time. The operator can manually switch the oil flow from one housing to the other at his option. This is very useful when down-time is critical. The oil can filter through one side while the cartridge is being changed in the other housing with little or no interruption of oil flow.

Another application of the MDP5E is to use a different type of cartridge in each of the housings. An economical dirt removing cartridge, for example, can be employed in the first housing for routine filtering. When water is detected in the oil, the flow can be manually diverted to the second housing, containing an Aquacon® Cartridge, for both water and dirt removal.

Contact your local Velcon Representative regarding other types of cartridges and cartridge combinations which are available.



  • Diesel Fuel
  • Biodiesel
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Cutting Oil
  • Lube Oil
  • Mineral Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Phosphate Ester Oils
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Vacuum Pump Oils:
    • Hydrocarbon Base
    • Perfluoropolyethers



Standard Features, MCP5E and MDP5E

  • 5 gpm standard flow rate
  • Epoxy powder coated vessel, both interior and exterior
  • Band Clamp vessel closure – no tools required
  • Operating pressure to 100 psi
  • 10” semi-pneumatic wheels
  • Self-priming positive displacement pump with built-in pressure relief valve
  • Static Pressure Gauge on each housing – to indicate when cartridge must be changed
  • 1/2 hp, 115V, 1-phase, 60 Hz, 10 Amp TEFC Motor
  • 10 ft. 3-wire power cord
  • 10 ft. Inlet and Discharge Hose, 3/4” I.D.
  • 3/4” NPT Male Fittings on hose ends
  • Suction Y-Strainer mounted at pump inlet
  • Weight: 157 Ibs.
  • Shipping Weight: 202 Ibs.
  • Height: 52”, Width: 22”, Depth: 22”


Specify model number as shown below.

MCP5E-1 or MDP5E-1: 115 v, 1-ph, 60 Hz
MCP5E-2 or MDP5E-2: 230 v, 1-ph, 60 Hz
(Note: Units are shipped without filter cartridges.)

Also available: 1 gpm units, 10 gpm units, 3-phase power, 50 Hz power, explosion proof motor, air motor (contact Velcon for more information)


550Y020 Flow Control Bypass
552Y030 Filter Bypass
553Y035 Four-way Valve
554Y001 Sample Tap
703Z004 Differential Pressure Gauge (MCP)
703Y004 Differential Pressure Gauges (MDP)
722Y006 Digital Flowmeter
725Y009 High Pressure Shut-off Switch


Filter Cartridge, box of 6 ea
G-1016 Std Buna-N Filter Housing Lid Gasket, 2 ea
G-1016A Viton-A Filter Housing Lid Gasket, 2 ea




Filter Area,
Sq. In.



Dirt Removal: Particulates
FO-718PL Series Pleated Media
1/3, 1/2, 1, 2, 5, 15, or 50
Maximum particle filtration
Dirt Removal: Colloidals
FO-618FGA Series Depth Media
5, 10, or 25
Most cost effective for “slime” removal
Dirt and Water Removal
AC/AD-718 Series Aquacon®
1 or 5
Removes dirt and 1 to 2 quarts water
For circuit breaker & high-carbon oils
Acid Removal
LA-71801B Fuller’s Earth
Use 1 gpm Filter Pumps
LB-71801 Activated Alumina
Use 1 gpm Filter Pumps


Portable Filter MCP5E/MDP5E - Data Sheet #1691