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Mobile Oil Filtration and Storage Systems


Skid-mounted filtration packages from Velcon:
Turn oil Handling into Art

Velcon Oil Tralier Filtration Systems

These systems can produce high dielectric strength oil to levels of dryness previously only achievable using heat and vacuum technology, and, for a fraction of the cost!

  • Complete insulating oil filtering plants designed for use on mobile equipment
  • Optional flow rates ranging from 10 – 50 gpm
  • All stainless tubing utilizing flared JIC hydraulic fittings for years of leak free service
  • Process used insulating oil to the highest quality achievable
  • Superdri® Cartridges can be used in the final stage to dry your oil to less than 5 ppm total water in a single pass



Filter Systems

Oil Storage Tanks


  • Recommended Accessories
    • Four way flow reversing valve
    • Flow control bypass valve
    • Filter bypass valve
    • Filter vessel automatic air eliminators
    • Flow meter, provides flow rate, batch total and locked total
    • High pressure shutoff switch
    • Doble Domino moisture sensor and display (If using Superdri cartridges)
  • Optional accessories
    • Hose reels, spring rewind self retracting
    • Ground reel
    • Cam and Groove connectors for hoses
    • Power vessel drain
    • On-Board generator
    • Solar Panel (charging generator and/or trailer lights)
    • Remote start stop switch


Filter Systems

Velcon has over thirty oil filter trailer designs, for both open and enclosed trailers, to choose from. Our standard oil filters systems, such as the SDS20 and HCP30 can also be modified with hose reels and storage tank connections for trailer mounted operation. The most common flow rate is 30 GPM but other flow rates are available. Single or dual filter housing systems are available as requested.



Oil Storage Tanks

Most trailer mounted filter systems utilize on board oil storage tanks. These can be supplied in either stainless steel or aluminum construction. In many cases, dual compartment tanks are used that allow the trailer to be hauled with a separate compartment of new “make-up” oil. While a split compartment, 600 main tank with 150 gallons of make oil is the most common tank configuration, we can supply these in a variety of different configurations and capacities. Storage tanks are typically equipped with sight glass level indicators, over fill protection, and manway access.


Velcon works closely with Wells Cargo trailer manufacturers to provide a durable, custom designed enclosed trailer to meet your specifications. These trailers can vary in length from 12’ to 16’ interior dimensions, with the overall length being 16’ to 20’ respectively. Depending on preferences the trailers normally have full rear access and side door access. Internal lighting, shelving, and other customized options are readily available. Trailer GVWR is normally specified by the customer as are hitch type and brake system. Open type trailers are typically less expensive and normally supplied by the user. Detailed trailer specifications available upon request.

Click here to View Mobile Oil Filtration Data Sheet with Specification Check List PDF File (#2060)

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