Clay Treaters

VC Series

Velcon’s Standard Canister Design Offers

Many Advantages over Bag-Type Design.

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Clay Treatment of Fuel - Critical to the Delivery of High Quality Fuel - White Paper

Clay Changeout and SWIFTKIT Information

clay vessel, clay treater, clay filter vessel
  • Remove surfactants

  • Lower purchase price

  • Easier, faster element changes

DESCRIPTIONclay treater vessel opened, showing clay canister elements inside

VC Series Clay Treater/Filter Vesselsare for use with Velcon clay canister elements in applications such as removing surfactants from jet fuel and acids or products of oxidation from lube and hydraulic oils. The standard design is fitted for canister type cartridges with knife seal mounting hardware. Velcon recommends our standard canister design because it offers you the following advantages over the bag type:
  1. Positive Cartridge End Seal – prevents contaminated liquid bypass
  2. Lower Purchase Price – the canister design eliminates the need for costly element standpipes
  3. Easier, Faster Element Changes – with simple hand tools



Velcon recommends automatic air vent, pressure relief valve, differential pressure gauge, and drain valves (2 per vessel). Also available are work platforms, sampling probes and ASME Code Certification.



Model No.

Flow Rate (Kerosene) USGPM
Weight (W/ skid) lbs.
Vol. U.S. Gals.
Model No. Qty.
VC3636 230 CO-718CE 34 2125 251
VC3654 340 CO-718CE 51 2375 331
VC4254 465 CO-718CE 72 3000 468
VC4854 600 CO-718CE 93 3500 626
VC5454 800 CO-718CE 120 4100 813
VC6054 1050 CO-718CE 150 4750 1028
VC6654 1200 CO-718CE 183 6500 1275